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Being Normal is Boring

"Being normal is boring” …that’s what it says.

I love this shirt.

If you know me, then you probably know me by what I wear. My unique outward expressions are a part of me. It lets me feel myself.

If you didn’t know by now, long gone are the days of “fitting in” and here are the days of “fit into your skin”.

Fun facts about me ✌️ Growing up I was always the loner, the kid who “hung out with everyone” but also “kinda hung out with no one”, I was the one who thought Pokémon and The Phantom of the Opera were cool. 😎

I was the Varsity Captain of my high schools Mock Trial and Debate Team (I know that explains a lot for some of you😅), and I was awarded a vocal performance scholarship as I studied for my degree in Business that I never finished (and this was before being an entrepreneur was ever cool)🙄

I’ve always been the stand-out, never go with the crowd kinda girl. And let me tell you, that gig was pretty lonely for a bit before I began to embrace it. 🥸

Yeah, it might be cool now to be the ‘lone wolf’ or the ‘early adaptor’ or the ‘gets along with everyone' homie, but let me tell you this: I had a big butt before Kim K had a sex tape, and a grey streak in my hair back when Cruella was actually Estella.

I was weird before weird was cool. 🫠

Let’s be honest though, standing out hasn’t always been easy. It’s only been in my last two to three years that I have really started to embrace it. As I found my self-worth in my identity with Christ, I began to change and began to truly love myself for all my weirdness, flaws, and imperfections.

I came to the full realization that I am valuable because of the value our Creator has put in me. This began to manifest as Christ manifest Himself in me.

In fact, actually letting my Grey streak grow out for the first time almost five years ago, was one of the first steps in making the agreement with myself that I was not going to cover myself in order to fit in any longer. (Yes, the white streak in my hair is naturally inspired 🤭)

Something in me finally gave me permission to enjoy who I was made to be and to never again compare myself to those around me. I was liberated to love myself and others around me, just the way we are.

I no longer had anything to prove to anyone… and let me tell you, **THAT** is cool. 😎

Owning my uniqueness has helped me become a

more relatable leader and a more compassionate visionary.

It’s given me the confidence to talk about things like adults living with learning disabilities, the depth of the creative mind, the vulnerabilities of ADHD, and the perfect beauty in neuro-diversity.

So if you see me wear some weird drip that doesn’t make sense, or completely go Rain Man (look it up) over some color theory & hair chemistry, or maybe I even have an illogical obsession with seeing the future and calling out other peoples greatnesses, then just know that I’m good with the fact that you don’t get it.

I don’t expect you to get it. And actually, I don’t even get it myself sometimes.

Living the life of an eccentric visionary creative is a weird conundrum. It's a blessing and a beautiful mystery all at the same time.

To be clear the point of all this is, I love owning who I am now, and it wasn’t always that way.

The beauty industry has more eccentric visionary creatives than any other field I could ever imagine. The professionals in this career leave me in awe of their capacities!

Can I shout this out louder?

📣 Don’t hide it, babes. Don’t you dare cover up that beautiful and unique soul of yours for anyone!

My advice to you is, to root yourself deep down from your soul and find your footing in the relationship that Holy Spirit has to offer.

Yes, I said it, Jesus Christ. (Omg, is she allowed to say that?!) 🤯

Get to know yourself and forgive yourself for playing the comparison game for far too long. Use God’s perfect love as an example of forgiveness and love for yourself.

You are uniquely and wonderfully made, perfectly stitched together in your mother's womb, with every strand of DNA being perfectly constructed.

Make the agreement with yourself that you will never look at your neighbor's homework again and think that YOU were the one who did the project wrong.

Make an agreement with yourself that you will choose to love what you do that is different and to love the way you do it. And finally, promise yourself you will have **fun** doing it.

Remember, being *normal* is boring, but guess what, God didn’t make it that way baby. 🥸🫶🏼🫠

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