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Unlock Glamorous Rewards with Artisan Parlor's Caribou Cash: Your Guide to Maximize Rewards & Style

Hello Fabulous Artisan Parlor Family,

We're here to spill the tea on Artisan Parlor's exclusive reward system - Caribou Cash! It's not just a rewards program; it's your golden ticket to a world of fabulous hair days and exciting benefits. Let's dive into the glitz and glam of Caribou Cash and discover how you can make the most of it.

Caribou Cash: Your Personalized Haircare Gift Card

Caribou Cash isn't your ordinary rewards system; it's like having a personalized gift card loaded with dollar equivalents exclusively for you. Picture it as a VIP pass to elevate your service experience while basking in the glow of our gratitude for your loyalty and patronage.

A Bounty of Redemption Possibilities

With nearly 50 items and services in the Caribou Cash treasure chest, your options are as vast as your hair dreams. From Extension Applications and Haircuts to Professional Treatments, Haircare Products, and even our branded Artisan Salons merchandise – you're spoiled for choice.

Easy Earning with Every Referral and Review

Earning Caribou Cash is a breeze, and it starts with you:

  1. Refer a Friend: Send a new guest our way, and watch $80 in Caribou Cash magically appear on your client profile. It's our way of thanking you for sharing the love.

  2. Post-Service Glam Review: After your service, we'll send you a text/email seeking your thoughts. Share a selfie for an instant $10 Caribou Cash boost, and if you're feeling extra fabulous, share to your socials for an additional $10 in Caribou Cash.

Seamless Redemption for Effortless Style

Redeeming your Caribou Cash is as effortless as the sleek styles we create for you. Our automated rewards system instantly applies your Caribou Cash to your client profile, ready for redemption at your next service. Keep tabs on your Caribou Cash Rewards by using the booking function in Artisan app.

Why Wait? Start Glamming with Caribou Cash Today!

Caribou Cash isn't just a rewards program; it's an invitation to elevate your hair game and revel in the rewards of being part of the Artisan Parlor family. Start earning, redeeming, and styling your way to fabulous hair experiences with Caribou Cash!

Ready to unlock the glitz?

Dive into the world of Caribou Cash and let the fabulous rewards roll in.

Cheers to glamorous hair and endless rewards,

The Artisan Parlor Team 🌟

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