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Be Like Melissa

Uhhh, excuse me, what?? She has had her license for two days and she is allowed to take clients at a salon that charges up to $115 for a haircut?

Chill there Karen, we know what you are thinking.

“There isn’t a snowball's chance in hell I would pay $115 for a haircut from someone who has had their license only two days.”

Correct Karen, and we wouldn’t want you to either.

See for Melissa here, the starting point for a haircut with her is $45, which is perfectly reasonable for the client who is looking for an economically priced service, and who also doesn’t want to compromise on service quality or experience.

Let’s also not negate the fact that Melissa started working as an apprentice with Artisan Salons before she was even a licensed hairdresser.

How is this possible?

Well, Melissa was a top-performing student in cosmetology school, who graduated with a firm foundational knowledge of client health and safety, color theory, and core cutting. Melissa stated that she was “looking for a salon that would invest into my training while building upon the foundations that I learned in school."

You see, Artisan Salons has one of the most elite assisting and artist development programs in Southern California, which in turn attracts anywhere from thirty to fifty new applicants a month. Hence why we have an entire team dedicated to interviewing and hiring new talent, followed by a team just for training and development.

For example, our application process is anywhere from 3-6 weeks long starting with an online application, and video intro, followed by a series of live model services with color and cut, and a series of in-person interviews with management and staff all while finishing out with anywhere from 2-5 in person working interviews.

Yes, Karen. We take your hair very, very seriously.

Once hired at Artisan Salons, someone like Melissa will then be brought on as a ‘Prospective Artist’ for a 90-day probationary period where the first two weeks of her employment with us consist only of online & classroom training as well as observation hours. Beyond those two weeks, four will be spent watching our salon owner work while they sweep hair, clean house, and learn the fundamentals of salon operations.

Post those six weeks of initial training, a Prospective Artist has a written career plan with skills and goals they must test out off and on the floor training with real live clients who are being seen at an economy price.

All that and here we are, producing the highest trained and most qualified industry professionals.

At this point in Melissa’s career, she has completed all requirements for training pre-client services and is able to complete basic services in a supported and controlled environment where guests can expect the same level of care and attention to detail as that of a Master Artist.

Upon completion of the 90-day training program, an artist may or may not be offered a position as a supporting artist. This potential opportunity is determined by a variety of factors including, completion of a career plan checklist, training goals, and mindset.

Being that this is one of the most saturated and competitive industries in the world, artists have no choice but to go hard, right out of the gate. They must force themselves out of their comfort zone, in order to gain the advantage of experience and training.

Melissa has put herself above the competition by not only retaining everything she could have while at the school level but also by gaining footing with a company like ours.

What Melissa and Artisan Salons provide for one another is a partnership. We are fortunate enough to attract young and vibrant talent like hers, while she is fortunate enough to have an opportunity in an excellent salon atmosphere with knowledgeable and committed mentorship.

We truly believe that Melissa is the next generation of successful artists in our industry and we could not be happier that we get to be involved in her development.

Melissa is smart, be like Melissa.

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Tina Gunn
Tina Gunn
06 oct. 2022

I was Melissa’s 3rd client and she was AMAZING! I will be coming back to her for years!!!

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